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Sixth Annual Boston EdTalk

Boston EdTalks is a celebration of innovation in education that brings educators and leaders from across the city of Boston… Read More »

blog | April 28, 2017 | by Betheny Gross

Notes From the Field: Starting With the “Why” in Personalized Learning

This is the fifth installment in the Notes from the Field blog series, originally posted on April 12, 2017 by The… Read More »

Research Report Collaborative All

Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative

The Students at the Center initiative at Jobs for the Future is excited to announce a first-of-its-kind research collaborative that… Read More »

Article/Blog, Infographic

Growing Into The Framework: A District’s CBE Implementation Strategy

Cris Sturgis

This article shares five phases of implementation of competency-based education, using the Mesa County Valley School District 51‘s (D51) first year of implementation… Read More »


Examining Cultural Relevance

LeeAndra Khan

This one page tool provides a set of questions to determine the cultural relevance of a given unit, learning task,… Read More »

Tool, Website

Models of Excellence

EL Education

Models of Excellence is an open resource featuring exemplary pre-K to 12th-grade student work. The collection is curated by EL… Read More »


Conceptualizing and Designing Work-Based Learning

The Pathways to Prosperity Network is launching a three-part webinar series exploring work-based learning (WBL).  This national network brings together state and… Read More »


Cutting Through the Confusion of Individualized Learning

Individualized learning is one of the major areas of concentration within personalized learning and requires significant changes to school as… Read More »

blog | April 21, 2017 | by Twylah Greaves, Chiara Wegener

We Don’t Give Students Voices, They Have Voices

“We’re the ones in the classrooms, why not ask us?”— A common refrain, we at the Nellie Mae Education Foundation,… Read More »


Equity Snapshot: The Intersection of Mastery & Culturally Responsive Education

NYC Department of Education

This working brief looks at the intersection between culturally responsive education (CRE) and competency education. It was developed by the Mastery… Read More »

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