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ISTE 2017

The annual conference hosted by the International Society for Technology Education brings together educators, thought leaders, and education companies. Participants… Read More »

blog | May 12, 2017 | by Arthur Baraf, Keesa McKoy

A School Leader’s Student-Centered Resources for Next Gen Educators (Part Two)

Part one of our “Student-Centered Resources for Next Gen Educators” series was posted on April 14, 2017. What does an… Read More »


Making Equity a First Principle of Personalized Learning

Julia Freeland Fisher

This article by Julia Freeland Fisher, the Director of Education Research at the Clayton Christensen Institute, discusses the importance of working… Read More »


Deeper Learning Website

Alliance for Excellent Education

This website created by the Alliance for Excellent Education is an in-depth exploration of deeper learning. Deeper learning is defined as… Read More »


Technology in Education: An Overview

Benjamin Herold

This brief from Education Week provides an overview of the big trends, opportunities, and concerns associated with classroom technology. As technology… Read More »

blog | May 8, 2017 | by Julia Freeland Fisher

Making Equity a First Principle of Personalized Learning

This was originally posted on the Christensen Institute on April 12, 2017 . “Racism and inequity are products of design. They… Read More »

blog | May 5, 2017 | by Keesa McKoy

Using Exhibitions to Demonstrate Mastery: Lessons from The MET School

This was adapted from a post by Michelle Portilla published on the Center for Collaborative Education blog. Imagine a student walking… Read More »


Socratic Seminars: Building a Culture of Student-Led Discussion


This resource focuses on increasing student-led discussions in the classroom, using the Socratic seminar style. Student-led discussions can be a… Read More »


What We Talk About When We Talk About Student Voice

Tevye Kelman

This episode of the UP for Learning podcast features Vermont students discussing the importance of personalized learning and partnering with… Read More »


A Guidebook for Success: Strategies for Implementing Personalized Learning in Rural Schools

Future Ready Schools

This guidebook highlights how leaders in rural districts can use the research-based framework and free planning resources developed by Future… Read More »

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