Technology-based Professional Development Resources

Vyew allows meetings and sharing content in real-time and anytime. Multiple users can upload images, files, documents, and videos in any room, anytime.

Noted professional development features
  • Use video for classroom observation allowing for opportunities to support teachers in classroom management
  • Opportunity to debrief observation with stakeholders anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time communication with many parties in school community

“When we use Vyew well, we can observe, debrief and change practice very easily. It gives counselors access they don’t normally have.” – Counselor, Wayland District



Formative is a feedback tool that can be used to gauge learning for individuals and whole groups through formal or informal check-ins. In a professional development setting, this tool can be used to model different ways of virtually gauging student progress.

Noted professional development features
  • Ability to collect and assess educator understanding and feedback through polls and surveys after professional development sessions.
  • Enable school counselors to use a tool in their own professional development that they may also use with students.

“I find that professional development opportunities are few and far between—and sometimes would be nice to have a quick assessment to be sure I retained the information and am working towards mastery.”
– Counselor Wayland District


School Counselor Blogs

School counselor blogs are an invaluable professional development resource. Counselors share their insights, inspirations, resources, and tips, encouraging others to share as well. Below, please find a few (and contact us with your favorites).

Noted professional development features
  • Extensive lists of online professional development networks for counselors for all grade levels and across social media platforms.
  • Comprehensive, plainly written blog posts, with references and linked resources, that are relevant to anyone working in an educational setting, but especially to student support staff.
  • Find other blogs, or be inspired to start blogging, sharing resources, and inspiring others.
Recommended counselor-centered blogs for getting started:

The Helpful Counselor is a blog created by a school counselor with a “goal in creating [a] website to share ideas and strategies to promote social, emotional and behavioral development”. Offering a large set of resources, the author provides an explicit list of online professional networks for school counselors across grade levels.

Helpful post: List of Professional Development Networks for School Counselors

The Counseling Geek is a blog to help counselors use technology in their programs. The author notes that blogging “has created incredible opportunities for professional development and collaboration.”

Helpful post: Top 5 Counseling Tools for your mobile device

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