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Keeping the Focus on Learning in a Tech-Rich Classroom

Lydia Leimbach

This article provides concrete steps to keep learning at the center such as dressing learning goals first, scaffolding learning, and assessing… Read More »

Article/Blog, News

Searching for Clarity on Formative Assessment

Catherine Gewertz

This article explores the various definitions of formative assessment in the field and the impact of differing understanding of the… Read More »


4 Things Innovative Districts Do To Improve Graduation Rates

Melissa Gedney

This article looks at practices from Digital Promise’s League of Innovative Schools, a coalition of forward-thinking districts and leaders across the… Read More »


6 Strategies to Truly Personalize Project-Based Learning

This article looks at ways project-based learning and personalized learning strategies can be coupled together to engage students through authentic,… Read More »


Empowering Students Through Multimedia Storytelling

Michael Hernandez

This article shares programs and strategies that use multimedia storytelling as outlets for student-voice. Author Michael Hernandez argues that by… Read More »


Six Next-Gen Learning Hubs: Assets, Partners and Challenges

Sarah Luchs

This article highlights six regions (including New England) in the nation that are experimenting with innovative approaches to education reform.… Read More »

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4 Ways to Scale Personalized Learning

Katie Vander Ark

This article focuses on opportunities to scale personalized learning. The author identifies design elements that support national, district and regional… Read More »


Three Tips to Pump Up Student Voice in Your Classroom

Ami Turner

This article highlights strategies to improve student engagement through developing student voice. The author offers three approaches for supporting youth… Read More »


Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn

Katrina Schwartz

This paper is about the effect physical movement can have on the learning process in children. Schwartz stresses how critical it is… Read More »


New School Climate Tool Facilitates Early Intervention On Social-Emotional Issues: Bullying And Suicide Prevention

Alvin Larson

This article discusses a need to develop a more preventative approach, foster pro-social attitudes and a positive school climate, in order… Read More »

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