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Catalyzing Mastery-Based Learning: NYC’s Mastery Collaborative

Chris Sturgis

This article describes the Mastery Collaborative created by the New York City Department of Education. The Collaborative consists of 40 schools,… Read More »


What Happens to Maine Students Who Don’t Meet Proficiency Standards?

Robbie Feinberg

This article explores possible impacts of the new Maine state laws that require proficiency-based diplomas for graduation. It discusses the… Read More »


Reaching the Tipping Point: Insights on Advancing Competency Education in New England

Chris Sturgis

This paper explores K-12 competency-based education policy and practice across six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode… Read More »


Maine Voices: Casco Bay High Shines as Joyful Example of Learning’s Expedition

Derek Pierce

In this post, Derek Pierce, Principal of Casco Bay High School in Portland, Maine writes about his school’s student-centered program… Read More »


Investing in Shared Leadership

Chris Sturgis

This post is part of a series of posts related to the 2015 report, Implementing Competency Education in K-12 Systems: Insights… Read More »


Separating the Facts from the Myths in the Competency-Based High School Transcript

Brian Stack

This article discusses many misconceptions about competency-based transcripts. As more schools and districts move towards mastery-based assessment systems, transcripts must… Read More »


Personalized Learning, Maine Style

Mary Bellavance

This article in Education Leadership discusses Maine’s move to proficiency-based graduation requirements and the consequent move to increase personalized learning… Read More »


Will Eliminating the “F” Eliminate Bad School Design?

Julia Freeland Fisher

In this article, Julia Freeland Fisher, Director of education research at the Clayton Christensen Institute discusses the possible effects of… Read More »

Article/Blog, Research

Connecting Learning to Careers

Hamutal Bernstein

In this article, Hamutal Bernstein, research associate at the Urban Institute, explores the many ways that Connected Learning is a… Read More »

Report, Research

Looking Under the Hood of Competency-Based Education

Erin Haynes, Kristina Zeiser, Wendy Surr, Alison Hauser, Lauren Clymer, Jill Walston, Catherine Bitter & Rui Yang

This study by the American Institutes for Research rigorously examined the relationship between competency-based education (CBE) practices and changes in… Read More »

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