Students at the Center Hub: Video Walkthroughs

The Students at the Center Hub is a digital platform designed for those interested in learning about, or implementing, student-centered approaches to learning. The short videos below can help you navigate the Hub and maximize your user experience.

Full Hub Walkthrough

This 7 minute video provides a quick glimpse of the array of features the Hub has to offer.

Introduction to the Framework

Learn about the four research-backed principles for powerful teaching and learning—as backed by Students at the Center.

Resource Library Walkthrough

This video showcases our robust resource database, designed to help you and your colleagues easily search a curated collection of tools and resources—and filter the Hub’s offerings in multiple ways.

Map tool walkthrough

The map provides a view of New England and marks some of the institutions and organizations across the region supporting and implementing student-centered approaches.

Curious about other features of the Hub? Looking to submit your own materials to our site? We’d love to hear from you!

Our Framework

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