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Maine Department of Education Youtube channel

Maine Department of Education

A curated set of videos showcasing what education looks like in Maine. Featured videos include: A Teacher’s Perspective: Unpacking the… Read More »


Council of Chief State School Officers: Innovation Lab Network

Council of Chief State School Officers

The Innovation Lab Network (ILN) is a group of states taking action to identify, test, and implement student-centered approaches to… Read More »



Great Schools Partnership

This system was developed to help educators continually improve instructional quality and school improvement. iWalkthrough is a collaborative, education technology-driven… Read More »

Multimedia, Video

TEDEd: Lessons Worth Sharing


Use engaging videos to create customized lessons, one can adapt and edit any lesson featured on TED-Ed, or create lessons… Read More »


Making Writing Essential to Teens Lives

What Kids Can Do

This guide on teen-writing includes interviews with inspiring teachers, tips, and a diverse collection of student writing projects from across… Read More »


A Guide to Creating Teen-Adult Conversations in Your Community

What Kids Can Do

This guide, from What Kids Can Do, is filled with sample panel discussions, interactive exercises, handouts, tips, resources, and readings… Read More »


Students as Allies in Improving Their Schools

What Kids Can Do, and MetLife Foundation

What if teachers and students became steady allies rather than frequent adversaries in their daily classroom encounters? With support from… Read More »


Gaining Attraction: Urban Educators’ Perspectives on the Critical Factors Influencing Student Achievement

Office of Educational Quality and Accountability, The University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute

This study finds that higher performing schools displayed greater focus and competency in three broad areas of practice: leadership and staffing;… Read More »


How Building a Car Can Drive Deeper Learning


This video highlights the importance of real-world application to drive a deeper learning. Math used to be a struggle for 14-year-old… Read More »


Strategies for Student-centered Discussion

Sarah Brown Wessling

Watch a teacher lead a student-centered discussion in her classroom and discuss strategies. Source Organization: Teaching Channel VISIT THE RESOURCE

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