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Mean What You Say: Defining and Integrating Personalized, Blended and Competency Education

Susan Patrick, Kathryn Kennedy and Allison Powell

This paper is intended to provide a scan of the literature and expand the knowledge base for the field to… Read More »


Building and Sustaining Education Reform Through Relational Power

Annenberg Institute for School Reform

This commentary talks about how relational power — power developed collaboratively with others — is crucial to the success of… Read More »


The College Pathways Tools Series

Anne Henderson

The complete tool set provides all the Beating-the-Odds study tools in one publication: a framework and rubric, a student survey, a focus… Read More »


Students as Allies in Improving Their Schools: Student and Teacher Surveys

What Kids Can Do

What Kids Can Do worked with schools in 5 cities to support student involvement in reform as part of the”Students… Read More »


Student Ownership through Transparency

Amy Alvarez and Brian Connor

This powerpoint presentation provides an example of how educations at Boston Day and Evening Academy are using an assessment system.… Read More »


The Motivation Equation: Designing Motivation into Student-Centered Learning

Kathleen Cushman

The Motivation Equation: Designing Lessons that Set Kids’ Minds on Fire takes that work another big step. Using a lively… Read More »


TIPS For Administrators, Teachers, and Families: How to Share Data Effectively

Harvard Family Research Project

This document provides strategies for how school leaders & teachers can use data to inform and support student-centered approaches to… Read More »

Case Study

The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning: Profiles of Emerging Models

Heather Staker contributions from Eric Chan, Matthew Clayton, Alex Hernandez, Micheal B. Horn, and Katherine Mackey

This report provides an overview of emerging blended and online learning models and includes profiles of forty K-12 schools using… Read More »


The Learning Edge: Supporting Student Success in a Competency-Based Learning Environment

Laura Shubilla and Chris Sturgis

he Learning Edge: Supporting Student Success in a Competency-Based Learning Environment delves into one of the element of the definition… Read More »


Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century

Nicole Shechtman, Angela H. DeBarger, Carolyn Dornsife, Soren Rosier, and Louise Yarnall

This paper addresses non-cognitive skills necessary to thrive int the 21st century. According to the authors, these non-cognitive skills are… Read More »

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