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When will I ever use this?

Chuck Pack

Watch a teacher and his students grapple with the question of “When will I ever use this?”. Source Organization: TeachingChannel… Read More »


Mid-Project Rubric Review

Lauren Hobbs

Hear Ms. Hobbs describe the Common Instructional Framework elements utilized in her classrom: Collaborative Learning, Scaffolding, and Questioning. She also… Read More »


Text What You Learned: Using Education Technology to Assess Learning

Sarah Brown Wessling

A quick video on using texting as a way for students to demonstrate learning. Source Organization: TeachingChannel VISIT THE RESOURCE


10 Expectations Students have for their Learning

Leaving to Learn

We hear often of the “high expectations” schools must have of and for their students, yet we seldom hear of… Read More »


Student Voice: Experiencing Deeper Learning Through PBL


Although high school student Rahil had some academic struggles after immigrating from Fiji just a few years ago, he found… Read More »


What Does Deeper Learning Look Like?

Alliance for Excellent Education

In this video, you meet the students and teachers of City Arts and Education Technology (CAT). The high school experience… Read More »


Assessing Their Own Work: Students as Active Participants

Maine Department of Educaiton

This video, part of a playlist of student-centered ideas showcases how students can be active participants in assessing their own… Read More »


Student- centered Learning: How Flipping Creates Choice for Students


Can you imagine giving a classroom of students the ability to create their own class? Brian has done just that… Read More »


Deeper Learning at City Arts and Education Technology High School

Hewlett Foundation

In this video, Sha’nice Patterson, a student at one of the Envision schools, talks about the impact CAT had on… Read More »


Teaching for Tomorrow: Flipped Learning


How students are learning is changing, just ask Aaron Sams, a Flipped Learning Pioneer. In Flipped Learning, students watch podcasts… Read More »

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