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Student-Centered Assessment Guide: Self-Assessment

George Brooke and Heidi Andrade

Developed by the Students at the Center Team to illustrate the practical application of the research described in their Assessing… Read More »


Test Your Brain

Educational neuroscience is a new and rapidly changing field, and numerous myths have percolated up through the years, based on… Read More »

blog | March 28, 2013 | by Nancy Hoffman, Rebecca E. Wolfe, Adria Steinberg

Putting Students in Charge of Their Learning

From ASCD’s Putting Students at the Center issue. “You need to teach students how to take initiative to pursue learning,… Read More »


Students at the Center Newsletter – March 2013

National, state, and local policy play an important role in opening the door to the implementation of student-centered learning approaches… Read More »

Article/Blog, Research

Developing Self-Regulating Learners: The Critical Role of Feedback

Cheryl Tobey and Lynn Goldsmith

Informative Article from ASCD’s Putting Students at the Center feature. Visit the Resource →

Article/Blog, Research

Building Skills for Independent Learning

Informative Article from ASCD’s Putting Students at the Center feature that suggests three strengths teachers should seek to develop in their students… Read More »


How Youth Learn: The Neuroscience Behind Ned’s Gr8 8

    Download the full .pdf here >      


Students at the Center Newsletter – February 2013

Student-centered approaches are being discussed, implemented, and documented throughout the country. This month we bring you research and news items… Read More »


Students at the Center Newsletter – January 2013

Without an emphasis on personalization, motivation, and student voice, “NextGen” education reforms won’t be any more successful than their predecessors.… Read More »

Case Study

Using Educational Technology to Help Students Get Back on Track

Clare Bertrand

This brief explores ambitious, blended learning classrooms that help engage young people who have fallen off track to on-time graduation… Read More »

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