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Bringing Student Choice to Assessment in Science Classes

John Dorroh

An experienced science teacher describes how he uses alternative assessments in this article. He explains the system he developed to… Read More »


The State Education Agency’s Role in Supporting Equitable Student-Centered Learning


This guide was designed to help state education agencies empower local districts to create student-centered learning environments. State agencies have… Read More »

blog | January 3, 2020 | by Geoff Zimmerman

Exploring the Impact of Personalized Learning on Student Outcomes

  We believe in the power of personalized, competency-based learning because we want each and every student to learn and be challenged… Read More »


National Action Civics Collaborative

National Action Civics Collaborative

The National Action Civics Collaborative (NACC) brings together a group of diverse education and youth serving organizations committed to advancing… Read More »

blog | December 20, 2019

The Blogs You Loved from 2019

Throughout 2019, educators and researchers from across the country have shared blogs about their goals, passions, challenges and triumphs working… Read More »


Civics Education and Student-Driven Civic Action

Karen Lee

In this article a Washington DC government teacher shares her experience using action civics in her classroom. Action civics empowers… Read More »

Tool, Website

Amplifying Student Voice

Amplifying Student Voice

This website was designed to introduce educators to action civics. Action civics projects empower youth to become agents of change… Read More »


Student Agency Resource Bundle

SATC Curated Resource

For learning environments to be truly student-centered, students must be the agents of their own learning. Educators can support this… Read More »

blog | December 12, 2019 | by Carlos P. Hipolito-Delgado

Dear Educators, Stop Being Jerks and Amplify Student Voice

  Sometimes educators can be jerks, particularly when youth are trying to teach decision-makers (school board members, school administrators, or… Read More »

blog | December 6, 2019

Distinguished Fellow’s Leadership Produces Results

Photo Credit: Grace Tatter/On Point One of the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative’s six Distinguished Fellows, Arria Coburn, was recently featured on WBUR’s On Point program. Coburn… Read More »

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