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Inquiry-Based Tasks in Social Studies

Andrew Miller

This article explores ways to foster deep learning in social studies classrooms. The author, a classroom teacher and instructional coach,… Read More »


Quality Principles for Competency-Based Education

Chris Sturgis, Katherine Casey

As states, districts and schools re-design education systems to move from more traditional approaches to a system focused on success… Read More »


Promoting Belonging in Math Through Instructional Choices and Practices

During the session, Dr. Matthews, a former math teacher and math education researcher, and Dr. Alison Shell from Digital Promise will… Read More »


Student-Driven Restorative Justice

Jillian Kuhlmann

This article looks at the restorative justice circles established by students at Grand Mesa Middle School in Grand Junction, Colorado.… Read More »


Moving Beyond the 4 Myths of Maker Education


This article examines the ways in which maker education is student-centered. At it’s heart, maker education supports the belief that children… Read More »

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Eastern Carver County School District Learner-Centered Resources

Eastern Carver County School District

The resources below illustrate the work being done in Eastern Carver County School District, Minnesota to promote learner-centered education: This… Read More »

blog | January 25, 2019 | by Deborah Jewell-Sherman

NMEF Board Member Deborah Jewell-Sherman Shares Her Perspectives on the Foundation’s Equity Journey

We had the chance to sit down with Nellie Mae Board Member Deborah Jewell-Sherman, who is the Gregory R. Anrig… Read More »


Building Public Awareness: Framing That Works Explaining Complex K-12 Initiatives to the Community

Whatever the educational challenge—improving assessments, personalizing learning environments, or advancing equity—public thinking plays a role in the solution. And the… Read More »

blog | January 18, 2019 | by Helen Beattie

Four Feet on the Ground: The Youth-Adult Partnership “Teeter-totter Effect”

The personalization of learning requires the relationship of students and teachers to shift to partnership and shared responsibility. Educational change… Read More »


Programming for Personalization: Using Computer Science Resources in Support of a Student-Centered Learning Environment


This e-guidebook provides a set of resources and strategies to help educators empower students to build digital literacy and computational… Read More »

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