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In education research, whose knowledge do we most trust? Who is at the table when we make decisions about where… Read More »

Every year, there are renewed calls to improve, reform, and reinvent public education for all students, and particularly for marginalized… Read More »

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation, in partnership with the RAND Corporation, has been working hand in hand with teachers, school leaders,… Read More »

As an educator in an urban high school in Bridgeport, Connecticut, I see firsthand that race continues to be a… Read More »

College pennants hang on the walls of a charter middle school and shout the names of academic institutions far from… Read More »

All through middle school I felt like: Grades do represent who I am. You know, if I have 100, that… Read More »

Yekaterina Milvidskaia & Daisy Sharrock

Making Dream Group Work an Everyday Reality

Ask math teachers what their ideal classroom looks and sounds like, and they will probably tell you about that one… Read More »

We had the chance to sit down with Nellie Mae Board Member Deborah Jewell-Sherman, who is the Gregory R. Anrig… Read More »

The personalization of learning requires the relationship of students and teachers to shift to partnership and shared responsibility. Educational change… Read More »

For ten years—the first decade I was in school—all my teachers were white women. As a Mexican American kid, I… Read More »

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