Learning Opportunity

learning opportunity

Education Reimagined Young Filmmakers Challenge

Education Reimagined invites young people to participate in the Young Filmmakers Challenge by producing a short film based on the… Read More »

learning opportunity

The Springfield Renaissance School- Becoming a Truly Integrated School

The Springfield Renaissance School, an EL Education Mentor School, was founded in 2006. Renaissance is an urban, gr. 6-12 college… Read More »

learning opportunity

Student Podcast Challenge

In their first student podcast competition, National Public Radio invites students around the country to create a podcast. Students should put together a… Read More »

institute/conference, learning opportunity

Deeper Learning 2017

DL2017 is the 5th annual gathering of powerful educators focused on creating more opportunities for students to learn deeply. Learn… Read More »

event, learning opportunity, virtual conference

Digital Learning Day

Created by the Alliance for Excellent Education in 2012, Digital Learning Day or DLDay is a nationwide celebration that highlights… Read More »

learning opportunity

Pay for Success CTE Competition RFP

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Social Finance and Jobs for the Future (JFF) are hosting the first Pay… Read More »

learning opportunity

Boston STEM Week

Boston STEM Week is an innovative, hands-on STEM learning experience that will be run in Boston middle schools during the… Read More »

learning opportunity, virtual conference

National Online Learning Day

National Online Learning Day showcases how students of all ages are thriving with the ability to learn online—anywhere, anytime. It… Read More »

learning opportunity

Better Math Teaching Network

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation has partnered with the American Institutes for Research to create the Better Math Teaching Network… Read More »

learning opportunity

Youth Leadership Institute Facilitator Fellowship

The Annenberg Institute for School Reform & the Nellie Mae Education Foundation are welcoming applicants for the 2016 Youth Leadership… Read More »

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