African-American Adolescents

This article highlights the intensive internship program at Chicago Technology Academy. The school, which serves predominantly minority students from low-income… Read More »


Diversity Talks

Diversity Talks is a Rhode Island organization dedicated to bringing students to the forefront of conversations about race and equity.… Read More »

Student disengagement is a rampant problem in our schools. It can lead to lack of participation and effort, behavioral problems,… Read More »


2017 Youth Leadership Institute

The Youth Leadership Institute is an annual gathering of Nellie Mae Education Foundation’s grantees who are committed to the central… Read More »

Summer 2014. My students from The Met High School in Providence, RI, were getting ready for their sophomore year, enjoying… Read More »

Twylah Greaves, Chiara Wegener

We Don’t Give Students Voices, They Have Voices

“We’re the ones in the classrooms, why not ask us?”— A common refrain, we at the Nellie Mae Education Foundation,… Read More »

This compilation brings together 20 lesson plans and resources created by PBS NewsHour Extra to help teachers quickly find high-quality… Read More »

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