Alternative Assessments

Since 2014, New Hampshire educators can meet academic accountability requirements through a statewide Performance Assessment for Competency-based Education (PACE) system.… Read More »

The Measuring and Improving Student-Centered Learning (MISCL) Toolkit is designed to help school practitioners or other stakeholders measure, understand and… Read More »

It’s fall 2017 in New Hampshire. The state’s Performance Assessment for Competency-based Education (PACE) system is entering its third year.… Read More »


Helping Students Track Their Learning

This article explores how to help students become “assessment capable” learners, monitoring their own content understanding. Assessment capable learners can… Read More »


How Do We Teach Kids to Assess Themselves?

This article discusses the importance of student self assessment to build student agency over learning and help both teacher and… Read More »

An experienced science teacher describes how he uses alternative assessments in this article. He explains the system he developed to… Read More »


Will Design Thinking Kill the Rubric

In this article from ASCD Education Update, the authors explore ways to assess student learning when using a design thinking… Read More »

This opinion article makes a strong case for states to adopt portfolios as part of their assessment programs. The article… Read More »


Testing for Real-World Performance Online Summit

This free online summit, hosted by Education Week, is an opportunity for educators and other interested stakeholders to take part in… Read More »

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Assessments Can Support, Not Just Measure, Student Learning

This article looks at the work being done by The Assessment for Learning Project to recognize assessment as a positive… Read More »

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