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November is National Native American Heritage Month. The article below was originally posted on Indian Country Today on November 12,… Read More »

Originally posted on EdWeek’s Learning Deeply Blog on October 11, 2017. Our current political climate and all it portends about our democracy… Read More »


Get Recognized for Advancing Digital Teaching and Citizenship

This webinar presented by Louisa Sullivan, Senior Community Strategist at  Common Sense Education, will provide an overview of the Common Sense… Read More »

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Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves’s shares innovative approaches to civics, social studies, humanities, and language arts education, designed to increase student… Read More »

Summer 2014. My students from The Met High School in Providence, RI, were getting ready for their sophomore year, enjoying… Read More »

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at Engaging Citizens: Civics Education and the New Political Landscape, a forum… Read More »


Engaging Citizens: Civics, Education and the New Political Landscape

The Boston Foundation and Tisch College for Civic Life at Tufts University are hosting a forum and discussion on the… Read More »


Media Literacy: A Crash Course in 60 Minutes

Fake media is a hot topic in education today. In November 2016, the Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) published Evaluating… Read More »

“When students are encouraged to think and learn outside the box, not only do they become more involved in their… Read More »

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Under the Hood of Personalized Learning: A New Hampshire Teacher of the Year Explains

In this opinion piece, Kim Carter, a Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow, and 1996 New Hampshire Media Educator of the… Read More »

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