Turn Up the Volume: The Students Speak Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help any school or district conduct focus group research with students to learn their opinions… Read More »

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Student Voice Twitter Conversations

This Twitter feed created by a group of students in 2012: Student Voice (#stuvoice) hosts weekly conversations for students, teachers, policymakers, and… Read More »


Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together

This organization was founded in Vermont to increase student voice in decision-making and engagement in learning. Youth and adults participate… Read More »


Youth Adult Partnership Rubric

This detailed rubric assesses the implementation level of several aspects of effective youth-adult partnerships. It can be used as a… Read More »

This clear, concise guide provides an overview of five strategies for engaging youth in education reform. It makes the case… Read More »


Why Change Schools: Section One, Module B

This module was designed to promote discussion and build support for student-centered education reform. It explores topics that can help… Read More »


Guide to Protocols that Support Dialogue

This guide catalogues protocols developed by the School Reform Initiative that can be used to stimulate productive public conversations. This… Read More »


Public Engagement: A Primer from Public Agenda

This short guide provides an overview of public engagement. It describes the differences and advantages of a capacity-building versus an… Read More »


Resource Guide on Public Engagement

This guide outlines key practices of effective public engagement. It provides an overview of the National Coalition for Dialogue and… Read More »

This collection of resources provides examples to help schools, districts, or states increase public support for student-centered learning. It includes… Read More »

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