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10 Principles for Building a High-quality System of Assessments

The Ten Principles for Building a High-Quality System of Assessments, a collaborative effort led by Jobs for the Future (JFF),… Read More »

Lisa Quay, Mindset Scholars Network

Mindset Research Is Sound, That’s Not the Problem

Originally posted on Education Week’s 10 Big Ideas column on January 10, 2018. My career has been motivated by two… Read More »


Quality Counts 2018

Every year, Education Week releases a Quality Counts report which examines state-level efforts to improve public education and pulls together a large number… Read More »

Political discord is as old as politics. However, disagreement between people with different political perspectives has become entrenched, and often… Read More »


Teaching with Technology

This report looks at how teachers are integrating new technology and tools into their classroom practice. It identifies common benefits… Read More »

Infographic, Research Report Collaborative

The Six Secrets to More Successful Partnership Between Students and Teachers

Educators work on behalf of their students every day, but some of the richest learning opportunities arise when educators take… Read More »

Many of us who research or implement student-centered learning approaches read with excitement that states now have the flexibility, under… Read More »

collaborative event, webinar

Research Collaborative Seminar: Student-Centered Learning and Reorganizing Education Time

Marisa Saunders and Research Collaborative advisor Jorge Ruiz de Velasco, editors of “Learning Time: in Pursuit of Educational Equity” (Harvard… Read More »

This post is a follow-up to “Do I Have a Voice? Student Ownership Drives Engagement Among Urban Youth.” We all… Read More »

The Massachusetts Personalized Learning Edtech Consortium (MAPLE) is an initiative of the LearnLaunch Institute and the Massachusetts Department of of… Read More »

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