Since 2014, New Hampshire educators can meet academic accountability requirements through a statewide Performance Assessment for Competency-based Education (PACE) system.… Read More »

The Measuring and Improving Student-Centered Learning (MISCL) Toolkit is designed to help school practitioners or other stakeholders measure, understand and… Read More »

It’s fall 2017 in New Hampshire. The state’s Performance Assessment for Competency-based Education (PACE) system is entering its third year.… Read More »

Every student deserves access to powerful learning experiences — experiences that help them develop agency, grow their skills and expand their curiosities.… Read More »

The Promises, Challenges, and Futures of Media Literacy addresses the “fake news” problem by evaluating the successes and failures of… Read More »


2018 ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership – Champions for Equity

The 2018 ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership will offer a chance to learn from and celebrate educators who are leading… Read More »

GripTape is an organization that lets go. We let go of the common notion that young people are only capable… Read More »

This course was developed by MIT with support from the XQ Institute, to help school communities rethink what a high school… Read More »


Student Goal Setting: An Evidence-Based Practice

The Midwest Comprehensive Center at American Institutes for Research, with the help of What Works Clearinghouse House reviewers, has released… Read More »

In this podcast, Rebecca Wolfe, one of the co-authors of the Educator and Leadership Competencies, talks about her work on educator… Read More »

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