Learner Difference


LEAP Personalized Learning Framework

This tool, created by LEAP Innovations, is an interactive framework for personalized learning geared towards educators ready to embrace new teaching methods.… Read More »


Digital Accessibility Toolkit

This toolkit was produced by the Center on Technology and Disability at American Institutes for Research (AIR), in partnership with… Read More »

In this article, an educator who has worked for ten years with students with disabilities shares eight tips for differentiating in… Read More »

Last month, a few members of the Students at the Center Hub team attended the Deeper Learning 2016 conference at High… Read More »

This article debunks four myths about learning styles and includes suggestions for how multiple learning styles can be accepted and celebrated.… Read More »

Report, Research

Continued Progress: Promising Evidence on Personalized Learning

This report examines achievement in 62 public charter and district schools that are pursuing a variety of personalized learning practices,… Read More »


Educator Competencies for Personalized, Learner-centered Teaching

Gone is the default image of a teacher—an adult lecturing to students seated neatly in rows, assigning the same textbook… Read More »

Students at the Center began with a series of nine research papers, developed in partnership between Jobs for the Future… Read More »


The Basics of Differentiated Instruction

This presentation, presented as the 2003 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Summer Conference on Differentiated Instruction, Chicago Illinois, gives… Read More »

This 13 minute video features a new chemistry teacher working with an expert in differentiated instruction to modify a lesson… Read More »

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