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Earlier this week, I read this post on Facebook, and it got me thinking… Attention Parents: As we move closer… Read More »

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Research Collaborative Seminar: Student-Centered Learning and Reorganizing Education Time

Marisa Saunders and Research Collaborative advisor Jorge Ruiz de Velasco, editors of “Learning Time: in Pursuit of Educational Equity” (Harvard… Read More »

This whiteboard presentation gives an excellent overview of proficiency-based learning for students, narrated by students. It outlines key reasons students… Read More »

This article describes five key findings from a Center for Innovation in Education report on a New Hampshire completion-based funding… Read More »

This KQED MindShift blog article follows the school-wide improvement led by Principal Jerry Smith at Luella High School outside Atlanta,… Read More »

This post originally appeared on the Huffington Post Education Blog. In the past three years, more than a million students have… Read More »

The Big Picture Learning Network started with the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center in Providence, Rhode Island, and has expanded… Read More »

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#nhed Twitter chat on Extended Learning Opportunities

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation will be hosting a Twitter chat! Join #nhed (New Hampshire Education) on Sunday, April 19th… Read More »



This three minute video discusses reshaping the classroom and system so that learning is personalized, and students have a true… Read More »

This report details the current blended learning approaches at six expanded learning time schools across the country, and highlights their… Read More »

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