Minority Groups


Parents SEE

This 12-week leadership program is for parents in Connecticut. Participants learn how to become partners with schools in developing policies and… Read More »


Parent School Partnership Program (MALDEF)

This program established in 1989 by the MALDEF trains parents to become leaders and change agents in their community. The 12-session training… Read More »

Since 1961 ASPIRA has been dedicated to improving the education and leadership opportunities for Puerto Rican and Latino youth. ASPIRA… Read More »

This report, while written to inform the development of parent training centers in NYC, provides an excellent overview of four… Read More »


Know Your Rights/ Derechos Educativos Federales Folleto

This pamphlet developed by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund describes federal education laws relevant to parents. Using… Read More »


Achieve Hartford! Website

This organization works to reduce the achievement gap in Hartford. They provide data on current reform progress and school performance… Read More »


Young Voices


Securing the Dream

Although Latinos comprise only 8.4% of Massachusetts’ population, their age structure (tilted toward the younger age groupings) and the constant… Read More »

Executive Summary, Presentation, Webinar

Working Together to Make Meaningful Parent Engagement

The goal of this webinar was to think through the roles of different education stakeholders in developing opportunities for parents… Read More »


Youth in Action Vimeo Channel

This Vimeo channel contains videos from Youth in Action’s Next Generation Media. Youth in Action is a Providence, Rhode Island… Read More »

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