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This organization, the Center for Youth Voice in Policy and Practice—a virtual center—provides a fresh new platform for young people… Read More »

This resource provides information on how to empower students to become more engaged with the issue of immigration and provides… Read More »

This article discusses the importance of maintaining conversations about equity as the field moves towards more learner-centered models. It makes compelling arguments for… Read More »

What Kids Can Do has created a list of resources that offer teachers a good place to start the conversations… Read More »

­My youngest brother’s senior year of high school—in a public school in New Jersey—was also my first year running a… Read More »

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Today, we know more than ever about how students learn. Education researchers have identified key components of college and career… Read More »

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What is Student-Centered Learning? (brochure)

Why should education be one-size fits all? Learning doesn’t stop when the final bell rings. Does your brain only work… Read More »

With a distinct focus on personalization and student engagement, Impact Academy of Arts and Technology High School (Impact Academy) stands… Read More »

At Life Academy of Health and Biosciences (Life Academy) in Oakland, California, student voice and choice drives every decision: what… Read More »

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