What Does Deeper Learning Look Like?

In this video, you meet the students and teachers of City Arts and Education Technology (CAT). The high school experience… Read More »

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Edutopia: Comprehensive Assessment

The Comprehensive Assessment portion of the Edutopia website connects educators to a large number of Edutopia resources, including articles, discussions,… Read More »

City Arts and Technology High School (CAT) emphasizes a strong student-centered focus, student-based inquiry, self-reflection, student exhibitions and portfolio defenses,… Read More »

A small rural school in southern New Hampshire is undergoing major school change towards more student-centered learning. This video showcases… Read More »

Originally published by CompetencyWorks, August 28, 2013. What educator hasn’t wished they could get inside a student’s head—if even just… Read More »


Student-Centered Assessment Resources

What is student-centered assessment? What is it not? How is it implemented in the classroom, and when implemented, what is… Read More »

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