Getting Started in Education Organizing: Resources and Strategies

This guide provides strategies and resources to support community organizing for education reform. It is designed for community organizations that… Read More »


Expanding Opportunity: The Potential of Anywhere, Anytime Learning

This issue of the Family Involvement Network of Educators newsletter explores the importance of engaging families in anytime, anywhere learning.… Read More »


Harvard Family Research Project

This organization seeks to promote family and community involvement in children’s education anywhere and anytime they learn, be that in… Read More »

This often-cited report synthesizes over 50 research studies on the impact of family and community involvement on academic outcomes conducted… Read More »


Parents SEE

This 12-week leadership program is for parents in Connecticut. Participants learn how to become partners with schools in developing policies and… Read More »


Parent School Partnership Program (MALDEF)

This program established in 1989 by the MALDEF trains parents to become leaders and change agents in their community. The 12-session training… Read More »

Since 1961 ASPIRA has been dedicated to improving the education and leadership opportunities for Puerto Rican and Latino youth. ASPIRA… Read More »

This report, while written to inform the development of parent training centers in NYC, provides an excellent overview of four… Read More »


Achieve Hartford! Website

This organization works to reduce the achievement gap in Hartford. They provide data on current reform progress and school performance… Read More »


Leadership Teams Pursue Powerful Instruction

This six minute video features the story of a high-poverty school using leadership teams to transform teaching to become more… Read More »

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