Real World Problem Solving

This article, written by a student, describes the culture at One Stone school in Boise, Idaho. One Stone is a… Read More »

Two resources from the ASCD Express issue  Citizens in the Making highlight ideas and resources for teachers who want to incorporate… Read More »


Webinar Series: Maker Education in the Classroom

SparkFun Education is hosting a 6 part series on maker education. Webinars will focus on top trends and new technology… Read More »

This article provides insight from an interview with leaders at Iowa BIG, a public high school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa… Read More »

Originally posted on September 19 on Jobs for the Future Recently, I read an employer profile for the Kentucky-based materials… Read More »

Summer 2014. My students from The Met High School in Providence, RI, were getting ready for their sophomore year, enjoying… Read More »

This blog shares tips for getting the most out of the student-centered practice of interdisciplinary projects. The author first shares… Read More »


Quality Performance Assessment Summer Institute

This institute, hosted by the Center for Collaborative Education, will bring together teachers, administrators, and district professionals to learn about Quality… Read More »


Deeper Learning Website

This website created by the Alliance for Excellent Education is an in-depth exploration of deeper learning. Deeper learning is defined as… Read More »

This was adapted from a post by Michelle Portilla published on the Center for Collaborative Education blog. Imagine a student walking… Read More »

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