Real World Problem Solving

This article discusses the lack of clarity around the concept of design thinking. Confusion around the topic is not surprising… Read More »

In this article, Laura Flemming, teacher and media specialist, discusses how to order equipment and materials for a makerspace in… Read More »

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Under the Hood of Personalized Learning: A New Hampshire Teacher of the Year Explains

In this opinion piece, Kim Carter, a Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow, and 1996 New Hampshire Media Educator of the… Read More »

This article highlights four strategies for using technology to improve learning and empower students which the author, Kerry Gallagher, a… Read More »


How Lobsters are Keeping Students in School

This article explores the move to a personalized learning program in one small rural community in Maine. Deer Isle-Stonington High… Read More »


Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

This video introduces Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age, a partnership between Civic Engagement Research Group, the National Writing… Read More »


Linked Learning 2017: Accelerating Quality and Building Scale

Linked Learning is an approach to high school that integrates rigorous academics with real-world learning opportunities in fields of engineering,… Read More »

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