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Project-Based Learning at Harmony Public Schools

This brief provides an overview of Harmony Public School’s project-based learning vision, design, and approach, concluding with a few key… Read More »


Blended Learning Readiness and Progress Rubric

This rubric provides a research-based tool that can assist school, district, and state leaders in planning and evaluating the implementation… Read More »

  On the evening of June 9th, anyone looking for a student in Pittsfield, New Hampshire would have found all… Read More »

In Pittsfield, New Hampshire, community members have been involved in articulating our schools’ values, vision, and mission; in developing our… Read More »

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Common Instructional Framework

The Common Instructional Framework, developed by Jobs for the Future, identifies six strategies for powerful teaching and learning. Forming the… Read More »


Students Take Charge

This article takes a look at two models of assessment in student-centered classrooms to find out what’s working. There are now… Read More »

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Seizing the Moment: Realizing the Promise of Student-Centered Learning

This policy brief presents a series of recommendations for building public will in support of student-centered learning, including policy priorities… Read More »


How to Plan and Create True Flexible Learning Spaces

This article is part of a series on flexible learning spaces. Teachers who are moving to a blended learning paradigm soon… Read More »

This article is on the student-led parent-teacher conferences at Pittsfield Middle High School.Student-led parent-teacher conferences happen twice a year and… Read More »

The Culture of Data Use Workshop Toolkit helps school and district teams apply research to practice as they establish and… Read More »

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