Beyoncé and many others have said, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This is particularly true during the myriad… Read More »


Hands-on and Virtual: STEM Learning from a Distance

In this webinar, EiE, the curricular division of the Museum of Science, Boston, will discuss how hands-on learning IS possible,… Read More »


The Novice to Expert Shift

This article presents useful take-aways from a small scale study of students participating in a student-driven, problem-based science curriculum. Researchers… Read More »


Students Leverage Technology Tools and Makerspaces to Personalize Instruction

This webinar will explore how the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA)’s 2018 Student Voices Award Winner, St. Albans City… Read More »

This issue of ASCDExpress pulls together many articles that look at STEM from a social justice lens. Together the articles provide… Read More »


Constructing a Maker’s Mindset with DIY Materials

This webinar will share ideas for hands-on construction. The presenters will share ways to use craft sticks, pipe cleaners, and toilet… Read More »

This article discusses the work done by Project Bitmobile. Project Bitmobile hopes to educate, inform, and inspire young black women… Read More »


Let Teens Lead in Makerspaces

This article shares ideas and techniques to let students take ownership of a school’s makerspace in order to develop engagement… Read More »


MIT Connected Learning Summit

The Connected Learning Summit is a conference that aims to fuel a growing movement of innovators harnessing emerging technology to… Read More »


Guiding Meaningful Math Conversations

This webinar offers practical, classroom-tested suggestions for creating a vibrant learning community in which students hone their thinking skills, increase… Read More »

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