Welcome to the Educators’ Page. From here you can access information about the research behind student-centered learning, link to examples of promising practices, programs, and initiatives, and search through a library of curated teaching tools, course materials, lesson plans, assessments, and more.

Student-centered approaches are based on a wealth of recent empirical studies into how students learn, including important lines of research into brain development, motivation, creativity, persistence, self-regulation, the application of knowledge to real-world problems, and other topics.Educator2

The resources collected here are meant to help educators ensure that all students—with a special focus on under-served youth and students of color—have meaningful opportunities to acquire the skills, knowledge, and dispositions needed for success in college, in the workforce, and in civic life.

How can you use the Students at the Center Hub

  • If you are an educator who wants to share your school’s vision of and approaches to student-centered learning: Check out this toolkit on communicating and building public understanding about student-centered learning.
  • If you are an educator who wants to see where student-centered learning is happening in your state or in New England: Map and Stories of Student-Centered Practice and Innovation in New England
  • If you are an educator who wants specific tools and resources on how to implement principles of the Students at the Center Framework: Resources

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Resources of Note

New or unique resources that speak to educator interests.

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  • Do you want to learn more about Engagement & Motivation? Check out our professional development tool kit on the topic. Each module can be used separately or together.
  • Talking to parents about Competency Education? See CompetencyWorks’ Frequently Asked Parent Questions
    *It is important to note that all resources should be adapted for your audience. These FAQs are for families who might be more sophisticated about education terms than others, but the foundational content is very useful.
  • Student-centered learning-in-action, with accompanying resources, can be found in our video tool suites.

Is this page missing something? Would you like to share a tool or resource that you use to support student-centered approaches to learning? Please contact us and let us know. This section is for you!


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