Learning Revolution/Reinventing Schools Weekly Series


This is a hub for daily online presentations, conferences, and events for educators. A set of time-zone-based calendars list all available sessions as they are scheduled on a rolling basis. The sessions will also be recorded and available to watch for free. The call for proposals is continually open. Presentation acceptances will be made on… Read More ›

Apply Now: Students at the Center Distinguished Fellowship

JFF’s Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative will select six leaders who are currently serving as classroom educators or school administrators in the New England area to comprise its next cohort of Students at the Center Distinguished Fellows. Selected Fellows will receive a $10,000 stipend over the course of their tenure, as well as access to an “impact… Read More ›

Research Collaborative Seminar: Learning With Others

The Students at the Center Hub at KnowledgeWorks.

According to a new report from American Institutes for Research (AIR) and JFF’s Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative, “to truly personalize, we must recognize that students vary in their needs for social support and exchange.” But how can we effectively meet those needs in the classroom? In this webinar, the Research Collaborative and AIR dig into… Read More ›

Research Collaborative Seminar: Messaging Personalized Learning

In the latest installment of the Research Collaborative Seminar, Karla Phillips, Policy Director for ExcelinEd, discusses revealing findings from ExcelinEd’s recent message testing survey on personalized learning. Watch now to hear what messages resonated (or didn’t) with voters across the country and what we can do to clarify terms and support best practices.  Download… Read More ›

Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative 2018 Convening

Join JFF’s Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative at the historic Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island on October 10th and 11th to share new evidence for student-centered practices, gain insights about what works and may be worthy of scaling, and advance the field’s attention to equity. In attendance will be the vanguard of leading researchers, educators,… Read More ›

Research Collaborative Seminar: Reducing Inequities Through Competency-Based Education

JFF’s very own Stephanie Krauss discusses her recent paper for Lumina Foundation on how competency-based education may help reduce our nation’s toughest inequities. Check out the discussion over how competency-based education is working—or not working—for our underserved learners in college. This webinar is part of a series hosted by the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative which works to investigate, evaluate, and curate… Read More ›

Research Collaborative Seminar: Student-Centered Learning and Reorganizing Education Time

Marisa Saunders and Research Collaborative advisor Jorge Ruiz de Velasco, editors of “Learning Time: in Pursuit of Educational Equity” (Harvard Education Press, 2017), explore the intersections of student-centered learning and expanded learning opportunities. Learn more from this exciting discussion on how education time can be expanded, reimagined, and reorganized as a resource for student-centered learning… Read More ›

Research Collaborative Seminar: What We’ve Done, Where We’re Going

The Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative launched in November 2016 with over 100 researchers, practitioners, and policymakers coming together to break down silos and advance the field. Join Eric Toshalis, Research Director at Jobs for the Future, as he kicks off the second year of the Research Collaborative by highlighting its exciting progress, future plans, and… Read More ›