Personalized Learning and Tech Equity Under COVID-19

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COVID-19 and the shift to remote learning, either full-time or part-time, have made such efforts even more difficult in many places. Too many students still do not have adequate access to Wi-Fi or digital learning devices to engage in meaningful remote or hybrid learning; opportunities to engage in professional development remain insufficient; and building academic… Read More ›

Exploring the Pandemic-Formed Future for Young Children

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This interactive learning and strategy session, facilitated by KnowledgeWorks’ social innovation partner Openfields and forecast partner Capita, will help you to make sense of our uncertain future, and to apply insights from Foundations for Flourishing Futures: A Look Ahead for Young Children and Families during COVID-19 and the rebuilding to come. Register

Café con Metro Series


Café con Metro is an hour-long discussion that brings communities of educators together to center Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education in classrooms and schools. The organization also aims to authentically engage families and communities to support students during COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. Bi-weekly conversations will include timely and relevant content and resources, as well as a… Read More ›

Readiness for Deep Equity Work: You’re “Woker” Than You Think


Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain will be running a PLC in a few weeks. To help educators wondering if they are ready for this type of deep work, antiracism expert Zaretta Hammond will be hosting a short Facebook Live. This event will explore the mindset that keeps us thinking we’re not making progress in… Read More ›

Edcamp LEAD


Edcamp LEAD is an event for leaders in education and welcomes educators at all levels: teacher leaders, aspiring leaders, principals, and district administrators. An edcamp is an “unconference” that is free and open to all, participant driven, and recognizes the value of experience. During each session, participants will collaboratively determine topics the day of the event… Read More ›

Edcamp Georgetown 2020 Online


Edcamp Georgetown 2020 Online is a professional learning opportunity sponsored by Georgetown ISD open to any educator from any school or district. The primary audience for Edcamp includes classroom teachers, campus and district administrators, librarians, instructional specialists, aspiring teachers, college instructors and professors, and other educators involved in PK-12 education. An Edcamp is an “unconference”… Read More ›

Racism Q&A with MindShift


In the coming weeks, the MindShift team will be answering questions about racism and antiracism, especially in schools and the education system. The team will answer questions sent in by listeners/readers on the MindShift podcast, a podcast that explores the future of education by highlighting the innovative – and sometimes counterintuitive – ways educators are… Read More ›

Learning Revolution/Reinventing Schools Weekly Series


This is a hub for daily online presentations, conferences, and events for educators. A set of time-zone-based calendars list all available sessions as they are scheduled on a rolling basis. The sessions will also be recorded and available to watch for free. The call for proposals is continually open. Presentation acceptances will be made on… Read More ›

Conference of Conversations


This virtual conference will encourage real talk about real decisions facing school leaders today. It will prioritize topics and experiences over thought leaders or presumed experts in the field. The Modern Learners Community strives to create a culture of contribution where all voices are honored and respected. They feel through member contributions, greater perspective is… Read More ›

Exploring How Educators and Staff Center Students’ Identities and Cultures

Join the NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools for an exciting and important conversation about identity, culture, and centering students in culturally responsive and mastery-based schools on June 17th, 3 PM EST. Researchers will introduce the Culturally Responsive Mastery-based Education (CR-MBE) project and share early insights on the ways administrators,… Read More ›