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Survey Results: New England Emerging Practices, UMASS Donahue Institute, 2014

This survey of New England high schools measures the extent to which they are implementing policies and practices consistent with student-centered approaches to learning, as self-reported by principals and teachers.* Survey respondents were asked questions about their school’s implementation of practices consistent with the four tenets. View response data for:

New Hampshire
Rhode Island

Personalized Learning: 55%

Competency-Based Learning: 50%

Anytime, Anywhere: 1%

Student Ownership: 60%

Personalized Learning: 33%

Competency-Based Learning: 50%

Anytime, Anywhere: 5%

Student Ownership: 56%

Personalized Learning: 44%

Competency-Based Learning: 51%

Anytime, Anywhere: 13%

Student Ownership: 42%

Personalized Learning: 52%

Competency-Based Learning: 67%

Anytime, Anywhere: 16%

Student Ownership: 49%

Personalized Learning: 92%

Competency-Based Learning: 80%

Anytime, Anywhere: 20%

Student Ownership: 63%

Personalized Learning: 42%

Competency-Based Learning: 38%

Anytime, Anywhere: 9%

Student Ownership: 64%

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