Arthur Eduardo Baraf

Arthur Eduardo Baraf

Arthur Eduardo Baraf has been a high school principal for over ten years—for the past eight years at The Met, an innovative public school in Providence, Rhode Island, which has been noted by President Obama as a model school and is a flagship of the Big Picture Learning network of over 200 schools worldwide. Additionally, he teaches “Personalized Learning” for the Providence College Urban Teaching Masters program, is the founder and host of “The Student-Centered Learning Podcast”, and is advisor and mentor to aspiring principals through the Center for Leadership and Educational Equity’s Principal Residency Network.

After graduating from Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2002, Arthur was a founding teacher and eventually principal of a charter school in Denver, Colorado, where he was named a Mile High Teacher of the Year. Arthur is married, has two delightful daughters, and loves to ride his bike to work, make music, and play Ultimate Frisbee.

About the Students at the Center Distinguished Fellowship

The inaugural cohort of the Students at the Center Distinguished Fellows was a diverse group of nine leaders in policy, practice, and research from around New England, each selected for their vision, contributions, and impact in the student-centered learning movement in the region. The Fellows’ overarching goals were:

  1. to investigate, use, and promote effective renditions of student-centered learning (i.e., personalized, competency-based, student-owned, and anytime-anywhere) in the New England region and beyond; and
  2. to communicate research findings in ways that make them actionable and accessible for policymakers and practitioners to maximize students’ academic achievement, particularly for those students who have been historically underserved.

Along with four research teams announced in November 2016 and a group of prominent national advisors, the Students at the Center Distinguished Fellows comprised core members of the newly formed Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative. With thought leadership and anchor funding from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative is a bold new effort to investigate and evaluate what we know about student-centered learning within and beyond school walls, and then leverage that knowledge to affect meaningful change at scale.

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The first cohort of Students at the Center Distinguished Fellows is generously funded by The Nellie Mae Education Foundation.

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