Current Studies

In the fall of 2018, the Research Collaborative kicked off its second research cycle of studies investigating the impact of student-centered learning on equitable student outcomes. This research cycle comprises studies headed up by scholars and practitioners from organizations with a demonstrated commitment to investigating student-centered learning practices that advance equity in public education. Learn more about these and our other ongoing studies below.

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Critical Civic Inquiry: Student-Centered Learning 

Rowan University and University of Colorado

This study will investigate two areas of student-centered learning: 1) How students can be supported to take “ownership” of their learning and 2) How learning can occur “anytime, anywhere.” Researchers will study an approach to student-centered learning that they are calling Critical Civic Inquiry, which is designed to support student agency and ownership by inviting students to participate in creating more equitable structures in their schools and communities.

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Practices and Outcomes of a Culturally Responsive Mastery Collaborative in New York City 

Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools and Mastery Collaborative

The NYU Metro Center, in partnership with Mastery Collaborative, will study how culturally responsive mastery-based practices influence historically marginalized students’ learning capacities, school engagement, and academic outcomes.

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Leveraging the Power of Improvement Networks to Spread Lesson Study 

High Tech High Graduate School of Education

The High Tech High Graduate School of Education, in partnership with three Southern California school districts, will leverage lesson study within a networked improvement community to explore how student-centered instruction and assessment strategies impact student mathematical understanding and achievement, particularly for Latinx and African American students.

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Robust and Equitable Measures to Inspire Quality Schools (REMIQS)

KnowledgeWorks, WestEd

This five-year research project reimagines the way states, districts, and the general public think about school quality and the approaches we can count on to produce equity.

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Deeper Learning and Diffusion of Innovation and Scaled Impact of New Hampshire’s Work-Study Practices 

JFF with New Hampshire Learning Initiative, Center for Innovation in Education, and the New Hampshire Department of Education

This research-practice partnership examines how work-study practices related to communication, collaboration, creative thinking and self-direction are being adopted and scaled across the state.

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