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Eric Toshalis, Research Director

Eric Toshalis, research director at Jobs for the Future, uses research and cross-disciplinary partnerships to help advance JFF’s goals and mission. Focusing primarily on translating research findings for educators and school leaders so that both may better understand and apply student-centered learning approaches in their work, his efforts support the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative and the Students at the Center Distinguished Fellows program. An award-winning public middle and high school teacher and university professor known nationally for his commitment to equity in the education of diverse adolescents and adults, he has served public education in multiple capacities over the past three decades as a mentor teacher, union president, teacher educator, community activist, curriculum writer, and researcher. Learn more »



The Research Collaborative has sought out the advice and oversight of a small group of highly respected senior leaders, scholars, and educators to serve as Advisors. These Advisors provide invaluable perspectives regarding the research questions being explored, the progress of the Collaborative, and the eventual deliverables it generates.

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The fellows are a diverse group of nine leaders in policy, practice, and research from around New England, each selected for their vision, contributions, and impact in the student-centered learning movement in the region.

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The Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative is grateful for thought leadership and anchor funding from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and additional support from Overdeck Family Foundation.

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