Youth Researchers Challenge

Students should have a voice in shaping their education, so JFF’s Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative partnered with GripTape, an initiative of America Achieves, to establish their first cohort of youth-led research projects.

GripTape, in partnership with JFF, chose seven researchers from applicants aged 15-19 for a research cycle that spanned the academic year (October 2018-June 2019). The youth researchers, with support from researcher mentors recruited and managed by JFF, conducted youth-designed and -led research project investigating an aspect of student-centered learning as defined by the Students at the Center framework.

Youth Researchers Challenge participants deliver the closing plenary at the Research Collaborative’s 2018 convening.

In addition to their research project, the youth researchers participated in Research Collaborative activities alongside fellow JFF-sponsored research teams. Along with research guidance and professional development, youth researchers received a personal stipend during their investigation and up to $1,000 to support their investigation.

Young people have a front-row seat to how learning happens in our education system each and every day. But they are rarely offered the opportunity to study it, talk about it, and help improve it. This is a chance to change that. Through this opportunity, youth were on the cutting edge of educational research, partner directly with leading researchers, and able to chart their own research path.