Robust and Equitable Measures to Inspire Quality Schools

The REMIQS (pronounced “re-mix”) project is a two-phase, multi-state, mixed-methods investigation designed to answer two questions:

  1. Where are the highest performing schools in traditional settings that consistently promote rigorous outcomes for our most vulnerable students?
  2. What practices, policies, procedures, and features drive those schools’ success?

To answer the first question, REMIQS constellates a host of data to push the field far beyond test scores in evaluating school quality. This push is needed because our nation’s over-reliance on test scores persists, despite its reductive and biased shortcomings. For example, the current slate of “school quality” instruments tend to:

  1. Under-theorize or insufficiently prioritize equity in their design
  2. Contain problematic ideological assumptions or methodological flaws
  3. Ignore the outcomes many families, employers, and colleges most desire (e.g., college/career readiness, deeper learning skillsets, positive school climates, social-emotional well-being, workforce earnings, civic participation, etc.).

Fortunately, many states are capturing richer data making it possible to build a more authentic model for measuring school quality. REMIQS is that model.

But we don’t stop there.

Once REMIQS locates high-performing schools — and verifies their success at promoting rigorous outcomes among vulnerable populations — REMIQS then investigates and broadcasts what these schools actually do to achieve at that level. In this way, REMIQS identifies, investigates, and inspires quality schools.

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Project advisors: 

  • Adriana Janette Umaña-Taylor, Professor of Education, Harvard GSE 
  • Andrew Ho, Professor, Harvard GSE 
  • Anne Holton, visiting professor and fellow, George Mason University, former Virginia Secretary of Education 
  • James Basham, Associate Professor University of Kansas, and Chair/CEO, Universal Design for Learning Implementation and Research Network  
  • Ryan Reyna, Director, Education Strategy Group

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This research is a joint effort of JFF and KnowledgeWorks and created by the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative.  Funding for this project is provided by the Barr Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, and Oak Foundation.

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Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative

Bridging the worlds of research, practice, and policy, the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative – launched at JFF and now at KnowledgeWorks — investigates student-centered approaches to improve outcomes for learners from all backgrounds, particularly those who have been marginalized or underserved by the current system.

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