Students at the Center Research by Topic

The nine research papers that launched this Jobs for the Future project renew attention to the importance of engaging each student in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed for success in college and a career. The edited volume of these papers, Anytime, Anywhere: Student Centered Learning for Schools and Teachers (2013) is available from Harvard Education Press.

In fall 2013, Students at the Center launched a second aligned and integrated effort to coalesce and make accessible the evidence base on effective learning strategies and deeper learning outcomes. This undertaking is particularly geared towards building knowledge in formats that policymakers can draw upon to keep deeper learning outcomes front and center as they engage in the real-time debates and decisions that will determine the effectiveness of our schools in creating a highly competent and productive workforce and engaged citizens for the 21st century.


Assessing Learning: The Students at the Center Series
A New Era for Educational Assessment

Competency Education

The Past and the Promise: Today's Competency Education Movement
Equity in Competency Education: Realizing the Potential, Overcoming the Obstacles

Curriculum & Instruction

Deeper Teaching
Teachers at Work—Six Exemplars of Everyday Practice
Curricular Opportunities in the Digital Age: The Students at the Center Series
The Role of Digital Technologies in Deeper Learning

Equity and Diverse Learners

The Implications of Deeper Learning for Adolescent Immigrants and English Language Learners
Equity in Competency Education: Realizing the Potential, Overcoming the Obstacles
Literacy Practices for African-American Male Adolescents: The Students at the Center Series
Latino/a and Black Students and Mathematics: The Students at the Center Series
Equal Opportunity for Deeper Learning
Deeper Learning for Students with Disabilities

School Improvement

Effective Schools for Deeper Learning: An Exploratory Study
The Why, What, Where, and How of Deeper Learning in American Secondary Schools
Personalization in Schools
Changing School District Practices
How School Districts can Support Deeper Learning: The Need for Performance Alignment