Spectrum of Student Voice

By Eric Toshalis, Mike Nakkula
January 11, 2016

This infographic visually defines student voice on a sliding scale. Student voice is a broad term describing a range of activities that can occur in and out of school. It can be understood as expression, performance, and creativity and as co-constructing the teaching/learning dynamic. Whereas most curricula and pedagogy seek to change the student in some way, either through the accumulation of new knowledge, the shifting of perspectives, or the alteration of behaviors, student voice activities position students as the agents of change.

In research and in practice, student voice-oriented activities in classrooms may be represented along a spectrum. As one moves across the figure from left to right, students’ roles, responsibilities, and decision-making authority grow. On the left side, student voice activity is limited to youth speaking their minds; on the right, students may be directing collective actions of both peers and adults. Activities in the middle areas blend these orientations.

For a full discussion on Student Voice Activities, access Motivation, Engagement, and Student Voice (Toshalis and Nakkula)

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