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ClassPager is a platform that educators can use to run classroom polls and instantly message students’ phones (while protecting privacy). According to ClassPager, 98 percent of text messages are read within 15 minutes, so utilizing SMS in this way is a powerful way to communicate with students.

Noted efficiency features:
  •  Reach multiple students by running school-wide polls and surveys using text messages.
  • Give personalized feedback to individuals or groups.
  • Broadcast updates and information to parents and students.

“I can contact a whole group or one student – right to their phone. It helps in a lot of ways, but mostly it makes it so I can have contact and a relationship with some of the students I might not meet with frequently and make sure they understand the options available to them.” – Counselor, Newton District


Remind is an SMS-based communication tool for teachers and school community members. Staff can send one-way text message reminders, attach documents, and more to an entire class or select group of students at no cost. They also offer a blog that highlights features and best practices for tool implementation for a range of users, including support staff.

Noted efficiency features:
  • Ability to contact parents and students in real time to mobile device, SMS, and email
  • Delivery receipts let staff know if messages made it to a student’s device, or if a phone number may have changed
  • Messages are translatable—com can instantly translate a text into over 70 languages, based on the recipient’s preferences

“I can send a text to the whole sophomore class reminding them of an upcoming PSAT deadline, or send to a group of students to remind them to set up a meeting with me. It takes all of the back and forth out of scheduling and really frees up my time and theirs.” –Counselor, Pittsfield District



PowerSchool provides a central data hub for schools and districts to improve cross-role knowledge-sharing and collaboration efforts. Educators and support staff can capture academic, social, and emotional progress with ease and communicate needs and opportunities with their colleagues. Administrators can easily view activity, reports, and progress for both students and staff.

Noted efficiency features:
  • Capture academic, social, and emotional data as well as community service and progress toward college and career goals
  • Ability to take and share notes with students, teachers, and families
  • Ability for parents to view select data and be more involved in a student’s school experience

“I love that all of the information and data is in one place and shareable. It allows me to focus on the students as opposed to collecting data from a lot of different sources. ” –Counselor, Pittsfield District


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