Voting begins today! 2016 Lawrence W. O’Toole Leadership Award

May 23, 2016

Lawrence W. O’Toole Award Recognizes Innovative Education Practices in New England


The Nellie Mae Education Foundation (Nellie Mae), the largest philanthropic organization in New England focused exclusively on education, is pleased to announce the nominees for its 2016 Lawrence W. O’Toole Award. Named in honor of Nellie Mae’s founding president and CEO, the annual award honors an individual who has demonstrated great leadership in advancing student-centered learning throughout New England. In a student-centered environment, learning is personalized, competency-based, happens anytime, anywhere, and gives students voice and choice in their learning. Student-centered learning prepares students to master the academic knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills they need to thrive.

“This year’s O’Toole award nominees are carrying out extraordinary work to ensure today’s learners are prepared for life after high school, and ready to contribute to their communities as informed citizens,” said Nick Donohue, president & CEO of the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. “Too many of our high school graduates today are entering college unprepared for the rigors of their coursework. These nominees exemplify what it means to put students at the center of their learning experience, providing them with a strong foundation and pathway toward successful futures. I am delighted to extend my utmost congratulations to this deserving group, and look forward to seeing who emerges as 2016’s winner.”

The award winner will receive a $100,000 grant for their respective school, non-profit or district to continue the advancement of student-centered approaches to learning for all students. 

Voting runs from Monday, May 23rd at 12:00 pm EST until Friday, June 3, 2016 at 12:00pm EST. 

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