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TERC is an independent, research-based organization dedicated to engaging and inspiring all students through stimulating curricula and programs designed to… Read More »

This article introduces a new national survey released by Achieve in December 2014. The report surveyed over 1,300 recent public… Read More »

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Edutopia: Comprehensive Assessment

The Comprehensive Assessment portion of the Edutopia website connects educators to a large number of Edutopia resources, including articles, discussions,… Read More »

This policy bulletin is based on A New Era for Educational Assessment, published by Students at the Center. The report… Read More »

Subscribe to the Students at the Center Mailing List View the September 2014 newsletter for the latest publications, articles, tools, and… Read More »

Competency education is attracting significant interest as a promising way to help meet our national priority of ensuring that all… Read More »

Heather Cole of Pittsfield Middle-High School talks about her extended learning opportunity working for the Pittsfield Police Academy.

Portland students Kate Pontius and Hallie Repeta explain what student-centered learning looks like in Portland, Maine.

Today, we know more than ever about how students learn. Education researchers have identified key components of college and career… Read More »

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What is Student-Centered Learning? (brochure)

Why should education be one-size fits all? Learning doesn’t stop when the final bell rings. Does your brain only work… Read More »

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