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This report describes effective district implementation strategies to convert traditional, one-size-fits-all models of education into more personalized, competency-based learning environments to… Read More »

This paper illustrates the technical requirements and functionalities that learning management systems need to shift toward student-centered instructional models. This comprehensive… Read More »


The Brainwaves Video Anthology

This video anthology is produced and filmed by Bob Greenberg. The Brainwaves series contains short videos (5-10 minutes long) on… Read More »

This report, a series of studies recently commissioned by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation to address the empirical research on… Read More »


Self-Regulation Professional Development Module

This professional development module was created as part of a partnership between Students at the Center, a Jobs for the Future… Read More »


Frequently Asked Questions and Definitions from Students at the Center

This summary unpacks some of the myths and terms in student-centered learning. Isn’t student-centered just a generic, overused term that… Read More »



This three minute video discusses reshaping the classroom and system so that learning is personalized, and students have a true… Read More »

This toolkit is designed to help leading voices in the education sector to build support and cultivate demand for an… Read More »

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The Deeper Learning Planning Guide

This tool offers practical guidance on the conditions that have to be established for schools to truly change their practices… Read More »


Young Voices

This website works to empower low-income urban youth to become leaders in communities across Rhode Island, advocating for policy changes.… Read More »

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