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This video from the Sanford Public Schools, “Meeting Standards in a Student-Centered, Proficiency-Based Classroom” features students speaking about their experiences… Read More »


Securing the Dream

Although Latinos comprise only 8.4% of Massachusetts’ population, their age structure (tilted toward the younger age groupings) and the constant… Read More »


Mid-Project Rubric Review

Hear Ms. Hobbs describe the Common Instructional Framework elements utilized in her classrom: Collaborative Learning, Scaffolding, and Questioning. She also… Read More »


The Schools We Need: Creating Small High Schools That Work For Us

What’s so different about a small high school, compared to a large one? When school leaders decide to create more… Read More »


Ready for College and Career

The report finds that a range of cross-cutting skills like communication, innovation and self-regulation are crucial to student success. Student-centered… Read More »


A New Era of Education Reform: Preparing All Students for Success in College, Career and Life

This report is on the 2010 statewide survey conducted by the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy of superintendents, charter… Read More »

We hear often of the “high expectations” schools must have of and for their students, yet we seldom hear of… Read More »

This organization, the Center for Youth Voice in Policy and Practice—a virtual center—provides a fresh new platform for young people… Read More »

What Kids Can Do has created a list of resources that offer teachers a good place to start the conversations… Read More »

This professional development module was created as part of a partnership between Students at the Center, a Jobs for the Future… Read More »

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