“Don’t do something about us, without us.”
– Student, Providence, RI

Welcome to the Students’ Page. From here, you can link to background information about student-centered approaches, including news about recent research into how people learn in and out of schools. We would love to hear from you—if you have a resource to share, want to blog, or just have a question, please let us know.

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What Is Student-centered Learning?
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Youth Voice and Youth Leadership
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What is Student-centered Learning?

You, as a student, spend a lot of your time in school to learn about new things, figure out who you are, and get ready for the future. It can be challenging to embrace and prepare for future possibilities when you can’t get excited about what you’re learning and the environment you are learning in.

A student-centered learning environment is one that gives students the opportunity to take charge of their own learning, move ahead at their own pace, and become fully engaged in what they are studying. It’s an environment in which teachers pay attention to students’ individual interests and needs, explain the reasoning behind the curriculum, and help students understand how their schoolwork relates to the real world.

How can you use the Students at the Center Hub?

  • Wondering how we define student-centered learning? Explore the Students at the Center Framework
  • Visit our resource database  to find tools to help spread the word about student-centered learning and advocate for changes in your school
  • Need help communicating what student-centered learning is all about? Take a look at our communications toolkit. Particularly interested in how the toolkit discusses youth engagement? Click here.
  • Head over to our blog to hear other students tell their student-centered learning stories, discuss successes and challenges in their schools, and talk about strategies for advocating for change. Interested in adding your voice as a Student at the Center Hub blogger? Let us know!
  • Check out the Social Media Portal to stay connected to conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond.
  • Look for upcoming events, and let us know what’s going on in your school.

Connect with other students

Check back here for information on how to connect with students around New England.

Watch video of young people talking about what student-centered learning means to them:

Check out more about student-centered learning on NMEF’s YouTube page, as well as the story-telling feature on the homepage

Youth Voice and Youth Leadership

In the past few years, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation will be hosting its annual Youth Leadership Institute. This event brought together youth leaders, adult allies, educators, and community partners from across New England to promote student-centered learning approaches and develop knowledge and power for youth-led change.

Learn More About the Youth Leadership Institute

Can’t wait until an Institute?

Check out these organizations to learn more about youth voice and youth leadership right away:

Providence Student Union
Hearing Youth Voices
CT Youth Forum 
The Opportunity Alliance/Maine Youth Action Network
University of Southern Maine/ Portland Empowered
Granite State Organizing Project (Youth Organized United)
Parents and Youth for Change
Pittsfield Listens
Strategies Youth Council
Student Voice
Student Voice Collaborative
Young Voices
Youth on Board

Are you a part of another great youth voice or youth leadership organization? Or do you have resources to share? Let us know!

Resources of Note

Restorative Justice

Student-led Academic Conferences

Putting a system in place to evaluate your teacher

Student groups in New England

Your Brain and How it Works

Brainy Approaches to Learning:
Inside the Teenage Brain:

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