The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain: A Virtual Visit with Cognitive Scientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore delivers a lively TED talk and recorded interview. She introduces the ways the adolescent brain is different from the adult brain and provides a glimpse at how one leading neuroscientist in the field approaches her work. commentary: The Adolescent Brain TED Talk: The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain Audience: Educators, Pre-service… Read More ›

Inside the Teenage Brain: A Six-Part Television Series

This six-part series chronicles how scientists are exploring the recesses of the brain and finding some new explanations for why adolescents behave the way they do. The website that supports the series includes a rich collection of videos, links to research and other online resources about the brain, interactive diagrams, and practical tips. (Also… Read More ›

Neuroscience & the Classroom: Making Connections

Neuroscience & the Classroom: Making Connections is an online course on the implications of neuroscience research on education. Developed by Annenberg Learner, the course consists of six units and features researchers and famous case studies in neuroscience. Audience: Educators, pre-service educators, professional development providers Potential Use: Professional development – self-guided or group. This course can… Read More ›

Neuroeducation: 25 Findings Over 25 Years

informED celebrates the 25th anniversary of the emergence of the field of neuroeducation with a list of the most significant findings in neuroscience education of the past 25 years. Be sure to check out the interactive learning strategies 3D brain map and the related Students at the Center Brainy Approaches to Learning infographic. Read Neuroeducation:… Read More ›

Of Executive Functions and Postsecondary Success

Paul Tough’s new book, How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character, is about the importance of character in preparing students for success in education, employment, and life. Specifically, he describes the critical role of developing executive functions for young people to succeed in college. Executive functions, according to Mr. Tough, combine… Read More ›

The Brain Science Behind Learning

This commentary delves deeper into the principles behind Students at the Center’s Brainy Approaches to Learning infographic and explains how the brain science behind learning supports the concept of personalized learning. The infographic illustrates research from the report Mind, Brain, and Education that answers the questions: What does brain research tell us about how we… Read More ›

Test Your Brain

Educational neuroscience is a new and rapidly changing field, and numerous myths have percolated up through the years, based on unsubstantiated studies, findings taken out of context, and plain old snake-oil salesmen. Neuroeducation researcher Paul Howard-Jones of the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom found a majority of incoming teachers studied in that country… Read More ›

Experts Call for Teaching Educators Brain Science

Excerpt from article in Education Week: “For the most part, teachers are not exposed systemically in a way that allows them to understand things like brain plasticity,” said Michael J. Nakkula, the chairman of applied psychology and human development at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. Mr. Nakkula is part of the Students… Read More ›

Brain Tutor 3D

BrainVoyager Brain Tutor is an award-winning educational program that teaches knowledge about the human brain the easy way. The program lets you interactively explore high-quality 3D head and brain models, which can be rotated, moved, zoomed and morphed in real-time. The head and brain models have been computed with BrainVoyager QX using data from magnetic… Read More ›

Mind, Brain, and Education Journal

Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE), recognized as the 2007 Best New Journal in the Social Sciences & Humanities by the Association of American Publishers’ Professional & Scholarly Publishing Division, provides a forum for the accessible presentation of basic and applied research on learning and development, including analyses from biology, cognitive science, and education. Visit the… Read More ›

OECD’s Brain Research Website

OECD’s Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) – Brain and Learning | Learning Sciences and Brain Research project website The culmination of the Brain and Learning project is the publication “Understanding the Brain: The Birth of a New Learning Science”  This enlightening publication is essential reading for all those involved in education as parents, teachers, researchers, policy makers and… Read More ›