Our Team

This Toolkit has been developed and produced by the following individuals, whose combined experience in communications, facilitation, community engagement, and education spans a century.

Jane Feinberg

Jane is the founder and principal of Full Frame Communications, a Boston-based consulting practice that helps mission-driven organizations and sectors build stakeholder understanding and support for change. Recently, she has been working closely with school districts in northern New England engaged in student-centered school redesign.  Last year, Jane co-developed and co-taught a course for school teams in Vermont called “Communicating School Redesign.”  The course is now in its second year of implementation as part of the statewide campaign called “Shaping Our Future Together.”

Previously, Jane was Senior Associate at FrameWorks Institute in Washington, D.C., a communications think tank that conducts research on how Americans think about social issues.  While there, Feinberg was part of FrameWorks’ interdisciplinary team that created tools for education advocates.

For 25 years, Jane was a developer, producer and writer in public and commercial television, including for such programs as The American Experience, the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHourFrontline, and for “Chronicle,” New England’s award-winning nightly television newsmagazine.  She also developed children’s programming and college telecourses, and produced numerous multi-media products for non-profit organizations.  Jane was Senior Producer for “Keeping Kids on Track,” a statewide campaign in Massachusetts to elevate the importance of out-of-school time programs. She also served as Director of Communications for the Boston Public Schools.

Helen Beattie

Helen is the co-founder and Director of Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together (YATST) and the Executive Director of UP for Learning, based in Vermont.  As a licensed School Psychologist and Educational Consultant, she has specialized in strategies to engage youth in school change efforts, using survey data as a tool.  She has co-authored a statewide student leadership curriculum titled, “Our Voices: Our Community” and implemented a project-based middle and high school curriculum titled, “Lights, Camera…Leadership!” Helen has facilitated numerous student leadership and faculty development retreats, taught Master’s level courses on school reform and experiential education strategies, and consulted with the Vermont Rural Partnership for the past 16 years.

Helen has taken a leadership role in varied civic engagement, service learning, and youth voice efforts in Vermont and on a national level. She holds a Master’s in Public Health from Boston University and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Massachusetts.  She is also a graduate of the Vermont Snelling Center Educational Leadership program.

Last year, Helen co-developed and co-taught a course for school teams in Vermont called “Communicating School Redesign.”  The course is now in its second year of implementation as part of the statewide campaign called “Shaping Our Future Together.”

Daniel Baron

Daniel has spent 40 years working in public, private, and Native American education, and pre-K through college, as a teacher, coach, whole school change facilitator and school leader.  Daniel is a founder of Harmony School and the Harmony Education Center in Bloomington, Indiana.  Daniel is a National Facilitator for the School Reform Initiative and was Co-Director of the National School Reform Faculty from 2000-2006.

Currently, Daniel is the Founding School Leader of the Bloomington Project School and the Executive Director of the School Project Foundation.  For the last 25 years, Daniel’s work has focused on providing exemplary professional development to school districts and equity-based projects across the country.  Daniel wrote a monthly column called “The Instructional Leader” for National Association of Secondary School Principals’ journal, Principal Leadership, from 2006-2008.

Daniel also co-teaches the “Communicating School Redesign” course in Vermont, part of the statewide campaign called “Shaping Our Future Together.”

Many of the examples you’ll see in this Toolkit have been co-created by schools, school districts, and non-profit organizations, primarily in northern New England.   We would especially like to acknowledge the following for their invaluable contributions:

  • Burlington and Winooski School Districts, Vermont
  • Pittsfield New Hampshire School District, New Hampshire
  • Portland Public Schools, Maine
  • Sanford School District, Maine
  • Hazen Union High School, Vermont
  • Harwood Union High School, Vermont
  • People’s Academy, Vermont
  • South Burlington High School, Vermont
  • Colchester High School, Vermont
  • Otter Valley Union High School
  • Twinfield Union High School, Vermont
  • Winnisquam Regional School District, New Hampshire
  • New Hampshire Listens
  • Pittsfield Listens
  • Jobs for Maine Graduates in Portland, Maine
  • Strategies for a Stronger Sanford in Sanford, Maine
  • Voices for Vermont’s Children in Montpelier, Vermont
  • Providence Student Union
  • Young Voices Rhode Island

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