Virtual Viewpoints Podcast: Paula Dillon, Barrington Public Schools

This episode is the third in our series documenting the Integrated Learning Systems project, a collaboration between the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, the Highlander Institute, and several other Rhode Island-based stakeholders endeavoring to design and pilot systems that promote student centered learning. In this episode, we’re talking with Paula Dillon, the Assistant Superintendent of Barrington… Read More ›

Boston Student Advisory Council Facebook Page

Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) is a student-led organization to empower youth in Boston to have a voice in decision-making. Jointly administered by Youth on Board and Boston Public Schools, the group consists of 2 elected student representatives from most of Boston’s high schools. Students meet bi-weekly, choosing topics of interest to research. Students then… Read More ›

Adobe Youth Voices

Adobe Youth Voices works to engage and inspire youth, aged 13-19, to get involved in their communities and build creative confidence, a skill much needed for the 21st century. The organization partners with community and youth development organizations in over 60 countries and provides professional development to educators to support student’s development of digital media… Read More ›

Student Voice Twitter Conversations

This Twitter feed created by a group of students in 2012: Student Voice (#stuvoice) hosts weekly conversations for students, teachers, policymakers, and key stakeholders to discuss current topics in conversation. Archives of selected Monday night twitter chats and video chats are available on the Student Voice website. The group and in-person education summits in dozens of countries… Read More ›

How Can Your School District Start a Podcast?

This podcast episode is dedicated to school districts across the world who are searching for ways to promote their teachers and students; the districts who are looking to build a brand in their community.  This episode looks at a school district who has successfully created not only one, but two podcasts to share their story and… Read More ›

The Motivation Equation: Designing Motivation into Student-Centered Learning

The Motivation Equation: Designing Lessons that Set Kids’ Minds on Fire takes that work another big step. Using a lively multimedia platform, Cushman brings the actual work of teachers, the feedback of students, and the commentary of learning scientists to describe how—and why—high motivation and academic mastery develop in the classroom. Guided by an “actual… Read More ›

Blended Instruction: Exploring Student-Centered Pedagogical Strategies to Promote a Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment

This project provides a road map for creating a learning environment that supports instructional strategies that live at the intersection of blended instruction and student-centered learning. As part of this project, a blended instruction white paper was developed to capture what teachers do, what it looks like in the classroom, and explore important instructional strategies… Read More ›

Mentors that Matter

Who are the significant adults in the lives of teenagers, beyond the home and classroom? How do they reach out to youth, and why? In the first six months of 2007, youth across the nation gave their answers, as they interviewed, photographed, and publicly honored “Mentors That Matter” in four cities (Chicago, Providence, San Francisco,… Read More ›

TEDEd: Lessons Worth Sharing

Use engaging videos to create customized lessons, one can adapt and edit any lesson featured on TED-Ed, or create lessons from scratch around any YouTube video. Watch the video to learn how. Source Organization: TEDEd VISIT THE RESOURCE

Steps toward Valuing Education

This interactive, multimedia report summarizes the results of a quantitative experiment on the effects of values, or specific reframing tools, on the issues of skills and learning, learning time, and assessment. Source Organization: FrameWorks Institute VISIT THE RESOURCE

Mapping the Gaps on Assessment

This report from the Frameworks Institute’s Core Story of Education Project outlines comparative results from a series of parallel interviews with experts and members of the public. The results show major gaps between how these two populations understand and think about student assessment. Source Organization: FrameWorks Institute VISIT THE RESOURCE