Measuring SEL

This collection of resources can help schools, districts, and states determine how to measure students’ social emotional learning (SEL). Compiled by the Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation (CSAI), a partnership between WestEd and the Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation (CRESST), it includes overviews of relevant ESSA regulations, links to guiding documents, and a… Read More ›

Amplifying Student Voice

This website was designed to introduce educators to action civics. Action civics projects empower youth to become agents of change in their schools or communities. They learn to identify issues important to them and develop evidence-based arguments to influence public policy. This website is full of practical tools for school and community-based educators. Teachers can… Read More ›

Guide to Schoolwide SEL

Schoolwide social and emotional learning (SEL) engages the entire school community in creating caring, motivating, and equitable learning environments that promote social, emotional, and academic growth. This guide developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) leads school-based teams through a process for systemic SEL implementation. The well organized toolkit moves through the… Read More ›

Assistive Technology Module

Originally created by the Center on Technology and Disability for college and university personnel training programs, this module can help teachers better understand assistive technologies. It brings together a wealth of resources, including a library of videos and webinar recordings, along with a glossary of important terms. It can also be supplemented with Assistive Technology in… Read More ›

Eastern Carver County School District Learner-Centered Resources

The resources below illustrate the work being done in Eastern Carver County School District, Minnesota to promote learner-centered education: This transcript of an interview with Brenda Vogds, (former)Leader of Personalized Learning and Innovation for the secondary schools in the district, explores how the district worked to bring educators into the process and nurture the development… Read More ›

Programming for Personalization: Using Computer Science Resources in Support of a Student-Centered Learning Environment

This e-guidebook provides a set of resources and strategies to help educators empower students to build digital literacy and computational thinking competencies across disciplines. It includes an overview of each resource, how that resource might support student-centered strategies, and examples of how to use the resource in a variety of classrooms. Resources include: Scratch Code Academy… Read More ›

Productive Problem Finding

This resource developed by Distinguished Fellow alumnus Frank LaBanca is designed to introduce “problem finding” as a tool for student-centered learning. When students look and find problems, they engage in a creative process to develop and define an idea for a study. Through problem-finding, students set objectives, define purposes, decide what is interesting and ultimately… Read More ›

MetaRubric Game

This game was designed to help teachers and future teachers learn how to design and use rubrics to assess project-based and maker-centered learning. The game, which takes 1-2 hours to complete, is an excellent professional development exercise. In addition to teaching key information about quality rubrics, it is in itself and example of how assessment… Read More ›

Principals Guide: Creating an Effective SEL Program that Boosts Achievement

This report can help school leaders begin implementing a SEL program, create buy-in and support staff. It discusses common challenges and offers advice and examples of best practices for implementation and assessment of SEL programs. While this guide is sponsored by a specific SEL program, the practical advice can be applied by school leaders using… Read More ›

STEM for Social Justice

This issue of ASCDExpress pulls together many articles that look at STEM from a social justice lens. Together the articles provide many ideas for ways to encourage interest and provide more opportunities in STEM for youth typically underrepresented in these fields. Articles look at how to use mentorships and opportunities to explore real world problems to… Read More ›

Schools Out

This tool, created by five education leaders, takes the reader through a visualization exercise to explore what a totally new, learner-centered education experience could look like. Through accompanying study/discussion questions it pushes readers to consider how they might contribute to the development of young people in their own communities. This exercise could be used to… Read More ›

Want to Offer Internships At Your School? A Tool To Make It Easier

This article describe the online tool developed by the Big Picture Learning network to help their schools facilitate and manage internship experiences for their students. The tool, called ImBlaze, includes a searchable database of internship opportunities. Students, then use a phone app to log hours and set goals. The app also encourages more communication between… Read More ›